Welcome to The Pickled Onion

The Pickled Onion restaurant and bar opened in April of 1998 and was completely renovated again in 2007. Boasting a hip and cosmopolitan feel, the Pickled Onion has found great success in offering familiar foods with a unique twist to the millions of guests who have joined us.
The Bar
With a fabulous bar scene and imaginative specialty drinks, the long frost coloured bar invites you to pull up a stool and sip one of our tasty concoctions. We take pride in being an outstanding upscale casual establishment and make it our goal to be the best value hospitality experience on the island. Whether you join us for an early lunch on our beautiful tiled covered balcony overlooking Hamilton harbour, or a late drink while dancing to our live entertainment, the Pickled Onion guarantees you will be more than satisfied.
The Dining Room
At Pickled Onion, we deeply believe that even in Bermuda, you shouldn't have to break the bank to eat great food (plus it gives you a few more pennies to spend on our divine drinks!). We love it when our guests are pleasantly surprised at how good the food really is. Our secret? We use local fresh ingredients whenever possible, and we have excellent cooks that create innovative but casual menu items that taste really, really delicious. For 15 years we have been exceeding people's expectations, and can't wait to get even better over the next 15!
The building itself dates back to the 1800s where it was used as a wine and spirit merchant. In the 1940s it became the 21 club, an exclusive men only club, frequented by Bermuda's high society figures. By the 1960s it had transformed into Ye Olde Cock and Feather, a restaurant and pub known for its lively bar scene and live entertainment. In April 1998 it became The Pickled Onion, an upscale but casual bar and restaurant. Then in March 2007 it received a complete renovation and opened with a hip, new urban look.